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~ founder of 1for2 Social Innovation.


Entrepreneur and founder of 1for2 Social Innovation: a leading agency specialized in the social development of organizations.In my personal life, I have been married to Bas since 2016, after my first husband passed away in 2012.
Together with Bas, we have a large and dynamic family, consisting of two foster kids, two children from my first marriage, and two from his first marriage. They have all grown up now and are delightful conversation partners!
Where I began as a mediator in 2000, a profession that was just becoming known in the Netherlands at the time, I have gradually specialized in various other areas over the years. From mediation to training and coaching, also as an Insights Discovery practitioner, and from international and organizational culture of Hofstede to the analysis of situations.Since 2015, I have been internationally active as a profiler, analyzing the combination of micro expressions on the face, body language, and vocal usage. I apply this in my work as a crisis and hostage negotiator. Additionally, I coach individuals and teams to achieve excellent communication and thereby enhance collaboration. For specific chosen organizations such as KNVB, Embraer, and Odin, I serve as an external confidential advisor.Recently, I completed the Governance Essentials program with the Dutch Association of Supervisors & Directors and I am open to supervisory roles.My expertise lies with people; as simple and complex as it may seem, that's the truth!
From small to highly complex matters: people always resonate with me, and anyone who can be helped, I try to assist. Attention is my Craft, and you can approach me with all questions about human behavior, its interpretation, and influence.
For more information about my expertise and the services we offer through our company, 1for2 Social Innovation (established in 2000), you can find details in the menu below.
If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact me (without obligation) using the contact form.

Attention is my craft


Profiling by analysis is combining the interpretation of facial expressions, body language and voice use during the process of discovering the presence (or absence) of correlations in behavior and expression both in natural circumstances and under pressure.By analyzing (in-)congruences between what is expressed and how its expressed in each situation (natural/pressure) it becomes possible to improve the interpretation (or meaning) of the expression as well as to derive the persons/subject’s behavior.The insights I help gain can be used in multiple ways. Increased awareness of what kinds of expressions one has and how they are (or are not) congruent with what is said and exercising to "express" differently could improve the outcome of a negotiation or trade deal. Another example where profiling is useful is when used to assess candidates applying for a high-profile position in your organization. It could help get insights into what happens with ethics, morale, and corporate discipline in extreme emotional/situational pressure situations. Choosing your candidate based on the expected future behavior (by deducing the variables) increases the chance that your future C-level executive navigates clearly through clouded situations.

Attention is my craft

Confidential Counseling

Unwanted behavior can occur in various settings, despite efforts to promote equality and implement anti-bullying programs. The data indicate that annual cases amount to around 3% of employees or staff in organizations. Unwanted behavior may include aggression, violence, discrimination, bullying, and sexual intimidation. To address this issue, organizations should have a Confidential Counselor, an empathetic and impartial role, to support individuals who have experienced a violation of their personal integrity.
While businesses could appoint an internal HR or People Ops staffer, concerns about neutrality and confidentiality may arise. In such cases, contracting an external Confidential Counselor is a viable solution.
I became a Confidential Counselor to provide empathetic and lawful support to individuals facing such violations. Unlike mediation, the role of Confidential Counseling involves supporting the reporting individual exclusively.
I have been a certified Confidential Counselor since 2018, registered with LVV, and affiliated with the Dutch organization "De Vertrouwenspersoon" (The Confidential Counsellor).

Attention is my craft

Crisis and Hostage Negotiation

Crisis and Hostage Negotiation involves managing hostage situations, barricade situations, and suicide interventions to achieve a desired outcome of no casualties, safe victims, and control over the perpetrator(s).Hostage situations and negotiations have been documented throughout history, dating back to ancient Greece. Barricades occur when suspects try to evade capture and lock themselves in a location. Negotiated surrenders are preferred over forceful responses.In cases of attempted suicide or threats, negotiators focus on understanding and communicating with emotionally disturbed individuals to save lives.The negotiation team, led by the team commander, includes roles such as the primary negotiator, coach, scribe, and float or intelligence officer. Regular training is essential for team effectiveness and peaceful crisis resolution.Trained by the PATC in Las Vegas in 2018, I have found my other communicative skills contribute to successful negotiations. I am currently exploring collaboration opportunities with local law enforcement and others. If interested, please reach out to me for further discussion.

Attention is my craft

Kinesic Interrogation

The extensive Kinesic Interrogation course I completed in the USA elevated my insights in law enforcement practices and trained me in obtaining confessions. Kinesic Interrogation involves understanding and interpreting interviewee behaviors to elicit confessions or understand reasons for non-confessions. Interviews must be conducted in a way that maximizes the chances of a truthful confession while avoiding false confessions, even under extreme pressure.Kinesic Interrogation combines profiling skills with interview techniques, including recognizing stressed body language, detecting deception in speech and writing, and understanding the physical and verbal signs of readiness to confess. The dynamic created during the interaction with the subject adds complexity to the process, setting it apart from profiling.

Attention is my craft

Supervisory Board Member

Kirsten graduated from the Academy of the Dutch Association of Commissioners & Directors in May 2023 and is now open to taking on formal roles as a supervisor and supervisory board member. With her coaching approach, she integrates past knowledge, present findings, and future needs to add value in both profit and non-profit environments. Proficient in profiling individuals and teams, handling complex problem-solving, guiding change, and connecting people and companies, Kirsten is well-equipped to excel in her new role as a supervisor. She brings transparency, respect, and enthusiasm for achieving successful outcomes.

Attention is my craft

Training & Coaching

Training requests often arise from the need to alter the current state, whether it pertains to personal efficiency, team productivity, or cultural transformation. The initial step towards change involves enhancing self-awareness.In my role as a trainer/coach, I utilize tools like Insights Discovery and the Hofstede model to assist individuals and groups in comprehending their perception of the world and how others perceive them. Insights Discovery employs a straightforward and memorable four-color model to unveil an individual's style, strengths, and value for the team. The four color energies (Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue) determine people's behavior and motivations.It serves as a framework onto which various topics can be linked, including Personal Effectiveness, Team Effectiveness, Stress, Goal Setting, (Personal) Leadership, and Organizational Culture. I tailor solutions according to the client's preferences to achieve lasting outcomes. This might encompass workshops for behavioral change and communication enhancement, workplace training, or long-term programs supporting different areas. Guiding groups to truly become a team is also a part of this process.Individual coaching for members within the groups can also be included as needed.


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